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Our Spirits

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, sourced locally or grown on our own farm. From our homegrown grain to our sweet spring water, and the finest local flavors, we ensure every sip is exceptional.

If you'd like to see our spirits in your local grocery store, give them the item numbers below!

Item Number: 72347

Harvest Moon

Crafted from 100% estate corn, local apples, sugar, and a touch of cinnamon, Harvest Moon is the ideal spirit for your cocktail or on-the-rocks enjoyment. Our favorite way to savor it? The Iowa Mule, a divine blend of ginger beer, lime juice, and cherry bitters that captures the essence of the harvest season. Cheers to that!

Harvest Moon
Plow Point

Item Number: 922442

Plow Point Small Batch Whiskey

Experience the true essence of fine whiskey with Plow Point Rye from Wildcat Distilling. Crafted from the rich Iowa soil on our family farm, this custom blend of corn and rye is meticulously tilled, milled, and distilled right on our doorstep. Aged in new oak barrels, every sip is a pure taste of farm-to-glass perfection.

Woodshed Red

Item Number: 924762

Woodshed Red

Created from the famous Jimmy Red Corn, a once nearly forgotten moonshine treasure. This beloved bootlegger’s choice, known for its sweetness and distinctive hints of cinnamon, marzipan, and light cherry, was on the brink of extinction after prohibition. However, thanks to the discovery of two ears of corn from an old moonshiner’s stash, the legacy of Jimmy Red lives on as a fresh Iowa legend in our unaged whiskey.


Item Number: 922443

Tillman's Small Batch Whiskey

Celebrate Grandpa Al Isakson with the creation of our three-grain whiskey, honoring the original Wildcat Tillman. This blend of corn, wheat, and rye exemplifies his belief in timeless quality. Experience the proud and spicy nature of rye and the earthy sweetness of wheat in this traditional recipe. Taste the balance of strong flavors in Tillman’s classic whiskey, crafted on our farm and aged in new oak barrels. Cheers to tradition!

Honey Moon

Item Number: 922441

Planter's Pride Custom Small Batch Whiskey

Experience the pride of working the land and watch your story come to life. At Wildcat, we recognize the importance of your farm, not just as a source of crops but as a legacy for generations to come. As fellow farmers, we understand the value of your heritage and the impact it will have on the future. That’s why we’re proud to help you tell your unique story. With our expertise in distilling and milling, together we can share your farm’s legacy, one glass at a time. From the fields to your glass, let your farm’s story be told.

Item Number: 72347

Honey Moon

Experience the perfect union of local honey and home-grown grain with Honey Moon “Honeyshine.” Savor its smooth and slightly sweet flavor as a refreshing sipper over ice or a delightful addition to your crafted cocktail. Let the honeymoon begin.

Planter's Pride
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