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About Us

Iowa’s New Legend

Honoring the Old Legacy

Welcome to Wildcat Distilling Co., where Iowa’s rich history and smooth liquor come together. In the heart of Iowa, we’ve got a story just as captivating as the legends of Bonnie and Clyde. Growing up on the beautiful farm near Duncombe, Iowa, where the distillery now stands, brother and sister Brad and Alissa Lemke were mesmerized by the “Wildcat Cave” nestled deep in the timber. Carved out of limestone and surrounded by sandstone bluffs, this cave has seen centuries of history unfold. We’ve got tales of mountain lions, speakeasies, and the smoothest moonshine made from our finest corn. Whether it’s fact or fiction, one thing’s for sure - our land has a wild side. That’s why we’re here, to bring you a taste of this New Iowa Legend. Explore our distillery and experience the heart and soul of Iowa, from our farm to your glass.

Till. Mill. Distill.

The Wildcat Way

At Wildcat, we’re committed to creating high-quality products that we’re proud to put our name on. That’s why we’re a TRUE Iowa Distillery, using locally grown grains and fruits from our family farm.


Our unique flavors are tailored to perfection. By minimizing transportation and storage time, we capture the freshest and most robust flavors.


With our new distillery facility, we handle everything onsite, from fermenting to distilling.


Our spirits are crafted with the purest water from the same spring that carved our cave. When we say “Farm Fresh Whiskey,” we mean it.

Choose Wildcat Distilling Co. as your true Iowa distillery. Authenticity matters to us, and we know our customers appreciate that.





Tony Nelson

Co-Owner, Director of Sales, Tasting Room Manager

Tony’s love for farming runs deep in his veins. And when he married Alissa, who came from a farming family too, his passion for the land only intensified. With over 15 years of sales expertise (and a knack for sipping on some fine whiskey), Tony is your go-to guy for all your product needs. Not only that, but he’s more than happy to lend his taste buds to test out Brad’s innovative new recipes. Trust us, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to both farming and whiskey. As both the tasting room manager and overseer of product sales and distribution, you can trust Tony's authentic knowledge and passion to elevate your Guided Tasting adventure with genuine charm and expertise.

Alissa Nelson

Co-Owner, Creative Director & Event Coordinator

Alissa, a farm-raised firecracker, has always been captivated by her grandparents’ tales of hidden caves, bootleggers, and secret drinking holes. With her design expertise as her ammunition, she’s forged a tasting room and marketing empire that pays tribute to this wild history. But it’s not all smooth sailing – she’s also got to navigate the never-ending stream of opinions from her fellow Wildcatters (we’re looking at you, Tony!). Additionally, as the mastermind behind coordinating all the fun events at the Tasting Room, Alissa can help you book yours. Get ready for a thrilling ride as Alissa channels her heritage and passion into an unforgettable experience.

Amanda Lemke

Co-Owner, Tasting Room Support & Local Sales

Amanda, a farm girl from Whittemore, Iowa, always had a thing for the land. When she met Brad and tied the knot, her passion for farming continued. Now, Amanda lends a hand at the tasting room, offering support to the whiskey venture. In addition to her duties, Amanda also is the contact for local bars to spread the Wildcat word within their own community. 

Brad Lemke

Co-Owner, Head of Operations

Meet Brad, the ultimate triple threat in the world of whiskey making. As head farmer, head distiller, and head taste-tester, he’s got all the bases covered. With a background in chemical manufacturing, Brad knows the science behind the process like no other. But he’s not just a chemistry whiz; he's a whiskey connoisseur, always on the hunt for that perfect grain bill. So when it comes to quality control, Brad’s got it all figured out. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that every batch meets his exacting standards, resulting in exceptional whiskey every time. Trust us, this guy knows his stuff, and his dedication shines through in every sip. Plus, Brad can also help you discover YOUR ideal grain bill for crafting your own custom Wildcat Whiskey, ensuring your whiskey dreams become a reality.

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