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Till. Mill. Distill.

The Wildcat Way


Here at Wildcat, we pride ourselves in providing products that are thoroughly researched and continually developed until we reach a quality, taste, and experience that we're proud to put our name on.

That's why we determined early on that we wanted to be a TRUE Iowa Distillery and developed our Till, Mill, and Distill philosophy.

Many products are made from mass produced “Grain Neutral Spirits,” which, while good, lack the character and authenticity of a product made from a locally grown source. Grains and fruits used in our whiskies and spirits are all grown right here on our family farm. Because of this, we have the ability to tailor the grains that we use to create our truly unique flavors.

Anyone who is familiar with farming understands the importance of the harvest season. Finally, this is the time of year when we combine, pick, and process the grains and fruits that we utilize in our spirits. Minimizing transportation and storage time after milling and before distilling allows us to capture the freshest and most robust flavors.

With the completion of our roughly 2,400sf new distillery facility on our family farm, we are able to ferment, cook, and distill all onsite. This means that the fresh grains we planted during tilling, harvested while milling, move straight into distilling.  We also cannot discount the purity and flavor of the water we use in our process. The same sweet spring water that carved our cave, is the same well water we use in our spirits.  When we say "Farm Fresh Whiskey," we mean it.
We want to be YOUR true Iowa distillery. We know it’s important to be genuine in what we do and we think our customers appreciate that.

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