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Brad Lemke - Co-Owner, Head of Operations


Co-Owner, Head of Operations

Head farmer, head distiller, and head taste-tester for quality control, of course.  With an extensive career in the chemical manufacturing industry, Brad knows how important the chemistry behind the process is and how to create a legendary grain bill. Brad provides the perfect combination of farmer, chemist, and avid whiskey connoisseur.

Amanda Lemke - Co-Owner, General Manager


Co-Owner, General Manager

Growing up on a farm in Whittemore, Iowa, Amanda learned an early love of the land. After meeting & marrying Brad, her love of farming transitioned to the love of producing & growing whiskey crop as well. As General Manager, Amanda has the difficult task of keeping everything running, organized, and making sure Brad has pants on when in public.

Tony Nelson - Co-Owner, Director of Sales


Co-Owner, Director of Sales

Coming from a farm family only a few miles from the Wildcat Distillery, farming has always been in Tony's blood. Marrying Alissa and into another farm family from the same community further deepened his appreciation of the land. With over 15 years of sales (and whiskey tasting!) experience, Tony knows how to provide clients with the products that they need and want. He also serves as a very willing taste tester for Brad's new recipes.

Alissa Nelson - Co-Owner, Creative Director


Co-Owner, Creative Director

Growing up on the farm with her siblings including Brad, Alissa was always enthralled with her grandparents' stories about the cave, moonshiners, and speakeasies. Utilizing her background in design, she carries across that same legacy in the creation of the brand, design of products, and marketing efforts while simultaneously filtering through the frequent, and sometimes unasked for feedback of fellow Wildcatters - particularly her husband Tony.

Budrow Lemke - Head of Farm Patrol & Security


Head of Farm Patrol & Security

As an effective patrol dog, Budrow ensures that no unwelcome varmints are allowed to wander through our crops without a stern barking at. His other duties include carrying around large, slobbery sticks, and napping.

Mercury Lemke - Supervisor & Rug


Supervisor & Rug

As a retired, elderly gentleman dog, Merc delights in watching everyone else work. While supervising, he also performs his other duty of "Rug," by laying in the most inconvenient and in-the-way places.

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